Tving’s ‘High School Mystery Club’ to return with season 3

时间:2023-12-01 07:17:13 来源:slot blue wizard

Korean streaming service Tving recently confirmed the return of its franchise entertainment show “High School Mystery Club” with a third season.

“High School Mystery Club” (2021-22), the service's first-ever original show, revolves around five high school girls -- who are not in fact actual students, transferring to a suspicious school where a mysterious murder case and strange phenomenon occur.

The same cast -- TV personality Park Ji-yoon, Jaejae, comedian Jang Do-yeon, vocalists Bibi and Choi Ye-na – who led two previous seasons star in the upcoming season together, according to Tving.

Adapting escape room-style games, the show presents the adventure of the five students, cracking a case with clues offered by the production team.

Though previous seasons were helmed by TV director Jeong Jong-yeon, the upcoming series will be produced by Im Soo-jung, who co-directed the shows with Jeong from 2021.

While “High School Mystery Club 3” is scheduled to premiere in 2024, information about the exact release date and number of episodes are yet to be announced.